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    Painting FAQ

    Can you paint during cold weather?
    Normally, it is not recommended to paint below 45 degrees. Although there are specific paints for colder weather, it is not an ideal time for painting.
    How long will you take to complete the painting job?
    Every painting job has a unique set of requirements. However, most of our projects are completed within a week, weather permitting.
    Can I have a few paint color samples beforehand?
    Sure, we can send you some paint color samples to help you choose the right color. We can also send you the links to a few websites which will make the task easier.
    Will you protect my furnishings during painting?
    We put your furniture in the center of the room and cover it with plastic sheets. It not only protects your furniture but also allows our painters to walk comfortably inside the room. We also use masking tape and paper to ensure that your furnishings remain protected at all times.
    Will you clean my home after the painting job is complete?
    Yes, we will. Once the painting job is complete, we will happily carry out the general cleaning procedure to leave your home neat and clean.

    Drywall FAQ

    Should I have my damaged drywall repaired or completely replaced?
    Similar to how the drywall repair cost is determined, this is also highly situational. Some minor damage, such as cracks or holes, can often be easily repaired without the help of a drywall contractor. But some damage such as water damage or mold accumulation will need a full drywall replacement.

    If you’ve noticed some damage to your walls, or want to do a preventative check and make sure everything is okay, feel free to give Pewaukee Drywall Pros a call. We’ll come to check it out for free and recommend a course of action depending on our damage assessment. We firmly believe in honesty in our business, so we won’t charge you $200 to patch up a mere crack. We base our recommendations on the actual work. So, if the damage is simple, we’re happy to give you any advice and tips for a quick and cheap DIY-fix!

    What causes drywall cracks?
    Drywall cracks can occur by a variety of different circumstances, including general house settling, improper drywall installation, or even a heavy object leaning against the wall. If you find a crack in one of your walls—even if it’s just a small one—it’s a good idea to repair it as soon as you can. Just like a small tear in your clothes, it will eventually become much bigger and more complicated to repair.
    Why should I hire Pewaukee Drywall Pros for my drywall project?
    Every company talks a big talk about how exceptional their services are; it’s just good business to do so. But here at Pewaukee Drywall Pros, we let our drywall services speak for themselves. Our dedication to precision and workmanship has continuously shone through on every job we’ve ever done. With us, you aren’t just a client—you’re our neighbor, and we treat you that way. At Pewaukee Drywall Pros, we get the job done fast, accurately, and exactly how you want it.
    Would you do small drywall jobs?
    Yes, we offer a wide range of comprehensive drywall services to our clients. Our drywall experts are not scared to tackle small drywall jobs. At Pewaukee Drywall Pros, no job is too big or too small for us.
    How is drywall installed?
    The first step, which is arguably the most crucial step, is to accurately measure and cut the drywall to ensure it fits perfectly into its corresponding position. Depending on the preferred style of your drywall contractor, the drywall will be placed into position using temporary mounts and a lift. In some cases, the drywall is also just held by other drywall experts. Once the drywall is in the proper location, it is securely mounted to the wall using screws. After the drywall installation process is complete, the drywall specialists go through and tape, mud, and sand the joints, edges, and screw heads. Finally, all that’s left to do is give it a beautiful drywall finishing.

    COVID 19 FAQ

    How is Pewaukeee Drywall Keeping Our Customers Safe during Covid-19?
    We take our customer and team member’s safety extremely serious in everything we do. We’ve worked with experts to ensure we know how to prevent the diseases spread on location. By utilizing a strict sterilization process, we make certain that we are doing our part in keeping the local community safe.

    Steps we take to keep our customers safe:

    • Create a staging area and clean area where we’re able to accomplish preliminary tasks. We sanitize and wash down all items that will be brought onto or out of a location.
    • We spray down one hundred percent of all surfaces and ensure that they stay wet for the appropriate “dwell time”.
    • At the end of day, we clean our way out of the location, taking care to remove and sanitize all potentially contaminated objects. Disposing of them into biohazard bags.

    We believe in eliminating risk through an abundance of cautious. We’re always happy to discuss or walk any client through our safety protocols in detail. Your safety and trust are our top priority during these difficult times.

    What Materials Are We Using to Eliminate the Spread of Covid-19?
    At Pewaukee Drywall, we are using the absolute best products to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Simply wiping down surface areas or misting with Lysol isn’t enough. By sanitizing with the right gear, we keep our customers and team members safe. This sterilization process begins the moment we step through the doors. By sanitizing right when our team arrives and upon completion of the day’s work, we’re able to severely reduce the risk of contamination.

    We use HP 65 Sanispray by Graco and Shockwave RTU disinfectant to sterilize all areas that our team interacts with. Both of these products have been shown to decrease the spread of coronavirus in the toughest of settings. From hospitals to large factories, Graco and Shockwave RTU are known for their powerful sanitation abilities. In addition, at the end of each day, our team removes any potentially unsanitary items using biohazard suits and bags. Using the best of the best products is only one-way Pewaukee Drywall shows our dedication to our client’s safety and healthy.

    How does Covid-19 affect the timeline for completion of drywall work?
    Luckily, we were prioritizing ultra-safe working conditions long before Covid-19. Because of our preparedness, the Pewaukee Drywall team is highly trained in contamination management. Meaning that our team is able to work efficiently with the extra precautions in place. Of course, these additional safety measures add more work, but it doesn’t change the timeline for project completion because our team is ready for the challenge. We’ll always deliver exceptional drywall installation by the deadline established.
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