Interior Painting to Brighten-up Even the Dullest Design

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    Though it may not seem like it at face value, interior painting is its own form of art. A well-designed interior can significantly enhance not only the look of your home, but also how it feels and affects your mood. A bland or basic color scheme is often the primary choice for most modern homes, as they make the decision-making more straightforward. While basic colors can certainly be beautiful in the right context, it’s not uncommon for a house (especially new ones) to feel simply like a house, not a home. As the premiere residential painting contractor in Wisconsin, we work to reverse that feeling by creating an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, excitement, or anything else you wish to capture. No matter where you live throughout the Waukesha County area, from West Allis to Milwaukee, our interior house painters will transform your house into a home.

    When Should You Use Pewaukee Drywall Pros?

    There are a variety of circumstances that warrant a fresh coat of paint in your home, but when is a good time to call in a professional painter? Smaller interior painting jobs, such as covering a small scuff, can often be handled by the homeowner themselves. On the other hand, many jobs require a certain level of expertise that can only be found with a professional painter. Here are some examples of when you should consider hiring a professional:

    • You want to change the feel of a specific room or your entire home.
    • You’re looking to change the look or aesthetic of your interior space
    • You have a new child on the way and have designated a special room for a nursery
    • Your home has significant damage to walls, due to accidents or just from general wear and tear
      (combined with our drywall repair service, we can take care of a repair and paint over it!)

    Overall, interior painting projects are often tricky and hard to successfully accomplish without prior knowledge. There are plenty of projects you can easily handle yourself, but there are a lot more where you’ll need a professional. Getting in over your head on an interior painting project can end up costing you more than you would have spent had you used a professional! If you need some of the best painting services in Wisconsin, contact Pewaukee Drywall Pros today!

    Our Interior Painting Process

    Every one of services follows a specific list of steps that we’ve perfected over the years. Each one is a little different than the other, but our interior painting process follows the same basic structure.

    1. We begin by assessing the extent of the project, which includes checking if there’s any damage to the drywall.
    2. Once done with the assessment, we offer a reasonable quote and completion timeframe.
    3. If you’re changing colors or require some advice, this step covers a free color consultation to help choose what colors will work best for your needs.
    4. After proper preparation and assessments, each section of the project is painted to absolute perfection!
    5. The final step involves a meticulous inspection, combing over every spot to make sure there were no errors.

    Finest Interior Painting Service in Wisconsin

    There is, of course, a lot more planning involved in the overall process, but this is an accurate and simple overview. We take great pride in our ability to provide consistent quality work, and it’s because we have taken the time to construct a precise set of steps. Our crew is expertly trained and experienced in all forms of home interior painting, and willing to walk you through the entire process. Our services extend across the Waukesha County area, from Milwaukee and Brookfield to Elm Grove and Wauwatosa. Pewaukee Drywall Pros—our process is second to none!
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