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    From a slow water leak or aging, sometimes drywall needs a proper restoration. Generally, damage to the drywall results from a water leak. If left unnoticed, even the smallest water leak can wreak havoc on the walls in your home. Thankfully, our experienced drywall specialists know all the places where water leakage can take place. We will find where the water is coming from and make the necessary repairs to restore your drywall to its pre-damage condition. At Pewaukee Drywall Pros, we have the necessary skill set, knowledge, and tools to repair and restore your walls to their former glory. Don’t settle for an amateur restoration job, depend on the Pros. We take great pride in providing excellent drywall restoration services that keep your home looking beautiful for years. We love to see the look on our clients’ faces when they see their walls beautifully restored.

    You can easily depend on us to get your drywall restoration done right! Our comprehensive drywall services are available in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, West Allis, New Berlin, Elm Grove, Brookfield, Waukesha, Pewaukee, and surrounding areas.

    Here’s how we will restore your drywall:

    1. Find the Water Leak  

      When your drywall is damaged by water, the most important thing is to find out where that water is coming from. It will be useless to restore or repair the drywall without identifying and fixing the source of the water leak first. It could be a broken pipe, leaky roof or a leaking toilet. If the water leak is difficult to locate, our drywall experts will do some exploration and investigation to find out where it is. They may even remove the damaged drywall to have a better look at where the leak is coming from.

    2. Remove the Water-Damaged Drywall 

      Our drywall specialists will check your drywall to see the damage and decide how much drywall to cut out. If there is heavily water-infiltrated wallboard that crumbles to the touch, it will be removed by hand or using the claw end of a hammer.

    3. Dry the Water-Damaged Area 

      After removing the damaged drywall, our drywall professionals will dry the water-damaged area of the walls. We use high-performance blowers and fans to increase the airflow behind the walls. Sometimes, we also use a high-efficiency dehumidifier to help the walls dry faster.

    4. Make Repairs 

      If your drywall has damaged portions that need to be patched, you can trust our drywall repairmen to do a great job. They will make sure that the patch is a perfect fit to avoid leaving your walls with a terrible look after the repairs are done. Since drywall is heavy, trying to repair it on your own can be quite challenging.

    5. Prime and Paint  

      Once the repairs are done, our technicians will go-ahead to add primer/sealer to the drywall using a roller applicator or a large paintbrush. Since they have experience in this area, you will have drywall with the perfect finish in the end.

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